środa, 31 grudnia 2014

7 habits that can help you lose weight!

Christmas and New Year’s Eve is that time of year when we prepare our stomachs for a lot of tasty food, desserts and all kids of calorie bombs. It’s a debauchery time and a feast for the palate, so sticking to any diet is not an option. So how does it usually end? With a New Year's resolution: I have to lose weight… so I’m starting tomorrow. Sounds familiar? So keep reading this post! ;)

sobota, 13 grudnia 2014

Christmas Gift Guide 2014: For Beauty Lovers

“Holidays are coming, holidays are coming...” – I’m sure I’m not the only one that have these lyrics from a festive song at the back of my mind. There’s less than 2 weeks left to Christmas, so if you haven’t bought the gifts yet, you’d better hurry up! Although it’s so much easier to find something for women, shopping at a last minute can be very stressful… especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. So, if you want to buy some beauty stuff for you girlfriend, sister, wife or mother… you can find some ideas in this post. :)

sobota, 6 grudnia 2014

5 more creative ideas for package design | Bath & Beauty

A few posts ago I was showing you 5 creative ideas for packaging design from beauty industry. I really appreciate great marketing ideas (especially if they're associated with marketing to women) and love sharing them with others. That's why I couldn't help but show you 5 more projects in this category. So, here they're!

poniedziałek, 1 grudnia 2014

Twitter Roundup: More Than Beauty Marketing in November 2014

Welcome December! We can officially start counting down to Christmas (e.g. with advent calendars)! But before we leave November behind us, take a moment to check out if you haven’t missed anything on my Twitter account. To make it easier I prepared this post with the most interesting (Re)Tweets from last month. 

piątek, 28 listopada 2014

Christmas countdown in the UK: The best beauty advent calendars for 2014

Who of us doesn’t recall traditional advent calendars with chocolates inside? Although addressed mostly to children, there’re also many adults who love the idea of counting down to Christmas, but not necessarily have a need of eating sweets every day. Luckily for them there’re many variations of these calendars from other industries which will satisfy even the most fastidious customers. Companies and marketing specialists outdo each other with new ideas (especially during the holiday season) and of course I couldn’t not show you the examples that intrigue me, as well as delight me the most. And as you may guess, they’re of course calendars filled with… beauty products!

środa, 26 listopada 2014

On my bookshelf #1 | What I’m reading in November

I love reading books! A lot! Especially paper editions, because I like being able to turn over pages, smell the paper and wonder what else will happen on the following pages. But I’m not good at reading just one book at a time – I always have a small stack of already started books, and which one of them I choose to read depends on many factors, such as how much time I have, the place that I currently stay, my mood and whether I want to learn something new or I just want to relax. As currently I’m reading 5 books, I thought I’d share them with you… and this way you’ll find out something about my reading preferences. :)

niedziela, 23 listopada 2014

5 creative ideas for package design | Bath & Beauty, Toiletries and Cleaning products

It’s not a secret that marketing specialists use all sorts of tricks and techniques to entice us to make a purchase, mostly by appealing to our senses (and I wrote about this here, here and here). One of the standard tactics is grabbing our attention with colourful and attractive packages, because it’s a pleasure for our eyes to look at them. Do you want to attract customers to your product? Surprise them! And what’s even better: make them delighted!

niedziela, 16 listopada 2014

Can you resist the temptation? | Immediate reward vs delayed gratification

Give child a candy and tell him that he’ll receive another one if he doesn’t eat it within less than half an hour. What do you think this kid will do? Will he wait patiently for the second candy or eat the first one immediately? It’s not so easy to resist the temptation even if we know that there’s a greater reward waiting for us in the future. And we’re not even better than children when it comes to delaying gratification…

piątek, 7 listopada 2014

Christmas 2014 adverts: Debenhams, Burberry and John Lewis

Christmas is here! At least here in London, where retailers have already started launching their festive campaigns. I know that for some of you it might be too early to talk about Christmas, but I couldn't help but share my thoughts about their ads. So, let’s take a look!

niedziela, 2 listopada 2014

Branded Beauty: what you don’t know about your favourite beauty products (+ small announcement)

Photo: mypocket.com (D&G campaign)

Women love trying out a lot of cosmetics, exploring ‘must haves’, keeping themselves up to date with new beauty launches and of course having possibility to choose from a wide range of products. But here’s the question: what’s your favourite beauty brand? Remember your answer, because I will ask this question one more time later in this post…

czwartek, 23 października 2014

When should you throw out your makeup? | Cosmetics shelf life & how to extend it

Let’s be honest: how often do you  maintain your cosmetics? And no, it doesn’t count that you use them on daily basis, but the date when you opened them for the first time! 78% of women have no idea that their beauty products have a shelf life so they wear makeup past its expiration date. And you don’t want to be in that group, right? Luckily for you I’m coming with this post to help you with that issue! :)

piątek, 17 października 2014

Appealing to senses: hearing, touch and taste | Marketing tricks that make us buy (Part III)

Photo: seafoodinternationaldigital.com

Companies want their customers to stay in the store as long as possible, so it’s very important to make us feel comfortable while shopping. The appropriate atmosphere in the store makes us more willing to spend money, and appealing to all of our senses not only makes us (customers) attached to the company, but also keeps us coming back to their stores again and again.

The senses of sight and smell are the most important for marketers, but in sensory marketing ads appeal also to 3 other senses: hearing, touch and taste... and today I’ll tell you a little bit more about them as well.

wtorek, 14 października 2014

Appealing to senses: smell | Marketing tricks that make us buy (Part II)

Photo: adweek.com (Sam Bosma)

I’ve already written about the sense of sightin sensory marketing and in today’s post you can read about the sense of smell. Do you know which of the smells help sell products and why? If not, keep reading! :)

niedziela, 12 października 2014

Appealing to senses: sight | Marketing tricks that make us buy (Part I)

Photo: blog.warwick.ac.uk

Not so long ago, I informed you that there’ll be a series of posts on my blog about marketing tricks that make us buy byappealing to our senses. So today I would like to show you how companies make use of sensory marketing engaging our sense of sight in order to encourage us to purchase their products. 

piątek, 3 października 2014

10 great ways to stay motivated and get things done | Part II

Make things happen

Photo: selster.com

In my last postI presented you 5 ways to motivate yourself to get work done. Today I’ll share the second part of that post with my other 5 favourite methods, but this time they are easier to adopt in life. ;)

środa, 1 października 2014

10 great ways to motivate yourself and get things done | Part I

I think all of us (or at least the vast majority) would like to achieve success in life, so we try to pursue it. Unfortunately there are often many obstacles in our way that we have to overcome and we also have bad days or moments of doubt… At such moments we need a big dose of motivation which will give us a kick to get us moving into taking action. We are all different and some stimuli will not necessarily motivate us as much, as they motivate others. That’s why I'd like to share my favourite methods for overcoming moments of laziness and show you how to get back on the right track. So, here we go! :)

środa, 24 września 2014

Why are we being fooled by marketing tricks?

In today’s world we are all aware of the presence of marketing techniques that are used in stores to attract customers. Probably most of you will say that you are not influenced by them because you are resistant to them… but I must disappoint you: it’s not true! We are very receptive to advertising and marketing tricks, and we often don’t even realize the manipulation and how it affects our purchasing decisions.

środa, 17 września 2014

How make-up changes women | The story of a young girl and a recent study

I really like watching other people, I don’t deny it. I enjoy observing their consumer behaviours in different situations but in a psychologist’s and marketer’s point of view. A couple of months ago I had a very interesting observation and I just thought I’d share this story with you.

sobota, 13 września 2014

Quality or quantity? | Drugstore vs High-End beauty products

Beauty products were, are and will always be needed by women. Of course we (the women) are all different, we have different needs and requirements and that’s why the variety of products offered by companies is on our side - there is plenty to choose from. But there is one question that we must ask ourselves before the purchase and after establishing our needs: “When it comes to beauty products, do I focus on the quantity or quality?”.

poniedziałek, 8 września 2014

“What does a woman want?” | A few words about marketing to women and my passion

Almost all of us dream about having a passion in life that could also be our job. Unfortunately we don’t always know how to put the two together or simply we have no courage to follow our dreams. In my case there are two industries that I’m the most passionate about - beauty & marketing.

niedziela, 7 września 2014

More Than Beauty Marketing: Welcome to my world!

„What is this blog about? Who is she?” – you would probably think that after visiting this blog for the very first time. So, let me introduce myself! :)