środa, 24 września 2014

Why are we being fooled by marketing tricks?

In today’s world we are all aware of the presence of marketing techniques that are used in stores to attract customers. Probably most of you will say that you are not influenced by them because you are resistant to them… but I must disappoint you: it’s not true! We are very receptive to advertising and marketing tricks, and we often don’t even realize the manipulation and how it affects our purchasing decisions.

środa, 17 września 2014

How make-up changes women | The story of a young girl and a recent study

I really like watching other people, I don’t deny it. I enjoy observing their consumer behaviours in different situations but in a psychologist’s and marketer’s point of view. A couple of months ago I had a very interesting observation and I just thought I’d share this story with you.

sobota, 13 września 2014

Quality or quantity? | Drugstore vs High-End beauty products

Beauty products were, are and will always be needed by women. Of course we (the women) are all different, we have different needs and requirements and that’s why the variety of products offered by companies is on our side - there is plenty to choose from. But there is one question that we must ask ourselves before the purchase and after establishing our needs: “When it comes to beauty products, do I focus on the quantity or quality?”.

poniedziałek, 8 września 2014

“What does a woman want?” | A few words about marketing to women and my passion

Almost all of us dream about having a passion in life that could also be our job. Unfortunately we don’t always know how to put the two together or simply we have no courage to follow our dreams. In my case there are two industries that I’m the most passionate about - beauty & marketing.

niedziela, 7 września 2014

More Than Beauty Marketing: Welcome to my world!

„What is this blog about? Who is she?” – you would probably think that after visiting this blog for the very first time. So, let me introduce myself! :)