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More Than Beauty Marketing: Welcome to my world!

„What is this blog about? Who is she?” – you would probably think that after visiting this blog for the very first time. So, let me introduce myself! :) 

A little bit about me…

I’m a 25 year Polish girl who lives in London. I think I’ve always had a need for writing and sharing my thoughts with others and that’s why I was always choosing more humanistic direction during my education. I’ve started focusing more on people since High School and I dreamt about becoming psychotherapist, but after my first year studying Psychology I became more intrigued by its other path – the more business related…

I immediately felt in love with psychology of advertisement and I was soaking up every ad and campaign. Since then I have been widening my new passion and I started to be more interested in marketing and consumers’ behaviour. After my first internship in a marketing agency I realised that I would like to better understand the world of social media. I was on my fourth year at the university when I started working in marketing agencies as a Community/Social Media Manager. I had constant contact with communities on social media platforms and it was a huge pleasure for me to analyze (or just try to analyze) their personalities and behaviours - from a psychological point of view, as well as marketer’s.

Less than a year after my graduation I have moved to London to gain new experience and skills and I treat it like a challenge. I’m ready for hard work with new people on new projects, because I know that it will pay off in the future and the best I can do is to always strive after perfection and never give up! :)

… and my passion

Over time my passion for Marketing narrowed to the marketing to women – I think it must have been caused mostly by my growing interest of beauty industry. Little by little I started to delve not only into the area of beauty and fashion, but I was also fascinated by the ways of achieving satisfaction with taking care of our body by healthy eating and physical activity.

I follow with a huge interest a lot of bloggers and vloggers on YouTube who share their passion in different fields and it’s not a secret that blogosphere is getting bigger and bigger every year. I was thinking a lot if I could also bring something to this blogging world - I’ve just followed my intuition and as you can see: here I am! :)
I was trying to find the one and only category that will describe this blog in the best way (which will help you to find out what you can expect here) and I think it’ll be a lifestyle blog with marketing industry context. As you can guess after my „confessions” above, the topics of my posts will fall into a few categories:

- MARKETING – this category will be connected with my work experience and the direction I would like to lead my career. I would like to focus mostly on marketing to women, but it is possible that I also write about other issues and different target groups, such as references to particular brands or companies, marketing campaigns, social media trends etc.
- PSYCHOLOGY – this category will be connected with my education. I would like to write about psychology of consumers' behaviours as well as present you the psychological side of marketing campaigns or other phenomena.
- BEAUTY – of course I couldn’t not write about my passion. You probably think that I’ll be showing you all the cosmetics that I’m using or buying, but guess what - it’s not gonna happen (at least not in the nearest future)! I would rather focus on presenting you the other side of the beauty field and write about it in marketer’s point of view. So you can expect posts  about the beauty brands and the idea behind them rather than being taught about the visage or cosmetic components. ;)
- SHOPPING – this category may seem trivial at first, but it will be referring to consumers' behaviours. There’ll be connections with „PSYCHOLOGY” or „MARKETING” categories, but I would like to focus more on discussing the issue of the buying process, finding different solutions, sharing with you my thoughts on specific products, smart shopping, consumers' needs etc.
- SELF-DEVELOPMENT this category is also very important to me, because I have constant need for growth and making progress. I’ll be sharing my thoughts and advices about the self-development, career, motivation, organization or other similar issues that we should think about if we want to be successful in our life.
- HEALTH –  I try to lead a healthy life and I just want to talk to you about physical and mental health. You can expect posts about nutrition, cooking, recipes, healthy tips, but also physical activity, training programs, diet coaching or inspirations.
- LIFESTYLE – last, but not least, the lifestyle category. I don’t want to present my readers only the serious issues, so I’ll be diversifying the content of my blog by more relaxing topics. I’m pretty sure there will be posts about the books, movies, fashion, living in London & UK, leisure, travel, interior design, etc.

I decided to write this blog because I would like to share my passion with the whole world and who knows, maybe I’ll inspire some of you to follow your own dreams? ;)

Now is the time to start a new chapter and invite you to my life.

So, welcome to my world! :)

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