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Quality or quantity? | Drugstore vs High-End beauty products

Beauty products were, are and will always be needed by women. Of course we (the women) are all different, we have different needs and requirements and that’s why the variety of products offered by companies is on our side - there is plenty to choose from. But there is one question that we must ask ourselves before the purchase and after establishing our needs: “When it comes to beauty products, do I focus on the quantity or quality?”.

Beauty products and cosmetics have various price ranges and of course not everyone can afford buying these more expensive, but it’s useful to know what the cosmetic companies offer us. One of the many cosmetics categorization is DRUGSTORE and HIGH-END and in today’s post I’ll focus on this issue.

We can find drugstore cosmetics and other beauty care products in retail stores - we see them almost all the time and there is very easy access to them. I think every woman has experienced at least once that she went to the drugstore with the intention of buying only one particular thing, but instead she left the shop with several other products… and sometimes even the whole basket of them! Because how can you resist promotions like „3 for 2”, „Buy one, get 2nd half price” or „Save up to ½ price”? Women tend to calculate the profitability of shopping and they decide to buy products on promotion because this opportunity may not come again soon. In such a way we have a huge amount of cosmetics in our homes and in this case quantity often wins over quality.

The situation is different with High-End beauty products which are available in department stores. Those are luxury beauty and make up products which bear the names of top fashion designers (such as Chanel, Dior or Yves Saint Laurent), professional make-up artists (e.g. Bobbi Brown, Charlotte Tilbury) and other well-known massive brands like Estee Lauder, MAC, NARS or Lancôme. Unfortunately we have to pay for the name when we buy High-End cosmetics, which are often several times more expensive than their drugstore dupes.

It no longer surprises me that the teenagers start saving their pocket money in order to buy the more expensive High-End beauty products. They carefully choose the cosmetic before collecting the amount of money that’s needed, then they celebrate the whole purchasing process and after that they brag about their admiration for the product. Those are the customer experiences that matter - experience of luxury, which not everyone can afford - at least not every teenager. ;)

Of course we often can find a cheaper equivalent of a High-End cosmetic in a drugstore, which can turn to be as good as the more expensive one (or even better), but it is brand name or logo on the packaging that is the most important for the customer - you get what you pay for. 

The price of High-End products is often determined by stronger and more beautiful packaging – not its content, as many of you might have thought. And people who are not interested in beauty industry probably don’t know that there are many drugstore and High-End beauty brands that are owned by the same company. Although each of these brands have different products, they are often produced by the same manufacturer. For example, Bourjois (drugstore brand) owns Chanel cosmetics, not to mention L’Oreal who owns a lot of huge brands like Lancôme, Helena Rubinstein or Giorgio Armani…. and a lot more!

Quality or quantity?                                                                               
There is many YouTube vloggers who’re making films dedicated to their huge “collections” of drugstore and High-End cosmetics. Although shelf life of beauty products is not eternal the number of cosmetics they possess would be enough to share with their families and friends! On the other hand, there are people who are very budget-savvy and they think that High-End beauty products are a waste of money. They also want to try out new stuff and more often change their cosmetics, so they prefer to buy more products paying less. And there’s also a group of people that fall somewhere in between and don’t really care about the brand or the money they will have to spend for items.

And this is the phenomenon that fascinates me: mix of women’s needs + marketing tactics + actual qualities of cosmetics… and other factors which all together decide about such diversified consumers’ behaviour. Personally I prefer minimalism, but to be honest, the list of all of those colorful and lovely smelling beauty products that I would like to try out is getting longer with every month. I can’t help but watch shop windows or beauty counters, but I use my  common sense, minimalism and I try to adopt the marketer’s point of view who observes the competition and their actions. :)

When it comes to buying cosmetics and other beauty products, which tactic is closer to you: quality or quantity? Let me know in the comments what you think! :)


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