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“What does a woman want?” | A few words about marketing to women and my passion

Almost all of us dream about having a passion in life that could also be our job. Unfortunately we don’t always know how to put the two together or simply we have no courage to follow our dreams. In my case there are two industries that I’m the most passionate about - beauty & marketing.

Marketing industry is like a huge ocean and I have found my stream in it – marketing to women. I think it must have been caused mostly by my growing interest of beauty while I started gaining my experience in the marketing industry. I often identify myself with the target group and it’s easier for me to understand the female issues or women’s needs – especially with my Psychology degree.

But what exactly is marketing to women? In a nutshell, it focuses on the needs of female consumers and the aim of the campaigns should include communication about products or services which provide women with all of the information they need.

It should not surprise you that women are the most decisive consumer group when it comes to purchases - they not only think about satisfying their needs, but also their entire families (partners, children, older parents etc.). Women spend more time shopping (and thinking about it) and usually they need more stuff and large variety of things – that’s why there are more shops, boutiques or salons dedicated to women. Of course there are many products and services they use, but I’m mostly interested in understanding the purchases which result from those most pleasant and “unforced” needs – taking care of yourself, your good image and rewarding yourself – so-called „guilty (spending) pleasures”. When it comes to beauty industry we deal with the products as well as services, but in most cases women enjoy more material things (do they?), such as cosmetics and beauty products, which are more desirable to them.

Companies and all of the specialists that work with them have to rack their brains more and more in order to surprise their customers – and because the global beauty industry is huge, they also have to find ways to excel beyond the competition. In my opinion, marketers should not only think outside the box to generate new ideas, but they should rather think like there’s no box!

When it comes to marketing to women there’s one, the most important question that marketers should ask themselves: „What does a woman want?” - even studies show that most women say that advertisers don’t understand them. But the funniest part about this is that usually women simply don't know what they want, right? ;) It’s not a secret that women are way more complicated than men and that’s why scientists and marketers have more room to maneuver on conducting research, analyzing consumer’s behaviour under different stimuli (such as various kinds of promotions) or in a variety of experimental conditions.

So, what do women really want? I hope we’ll find it out together in my next posts! ;)

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