piątek, 28 listopada 2014

Christmas countdown in the UK: The best beauty advent calendars for 2014

Who of us doesn’t recall traditional advent calendars with chocolates inside? Although addressed mostly to children, there’re also many adults who love the idea of counting down to Christmas, but not necessarily have a need of eating sweets every day. Luckily for them there’re many variations of these calendars from other industries which will satisfy even the most fastidious customers. Companies and marketing specialists outdo each other with new ideas (especially during the holiday season) and of course I couldn’t not show you the examples that intrigue me, as well as delight me the most. And as you may guess, they’re of course calendars filled with… beauty products!

środa, 26 listopada 2014

On my bookshelf #1 | What I’m reading in November

I love reading books! A lot! Especially paper editions, because I like being able to turn over pages, smell the paper and wonder what else will happen on the following pages. But I’m not good at reading just one book at a time – I always have a small stack of already started books, and which one of them I choose to read depends on many factors, such as how much time I have, the place that I currently stay, my mood and whether I want to learn something new or I just want to relax. As currently I’m reading 5 books, I thought I’d share them with you… and this way you’ll find out something about my reading preferences. :)

niedziela, 23 listopada 2014

5 creative ideas for package design | Bath & Beauty, Toiletries and Cleaning products

It’s not a secret that marketing specialists use all sorts of tricks and techniques to entice us to make a purchase, mostly by appealing to our senses (and I wrote about this here, here and here). One of the standard tactics is grabbing our attention with colourful and attractive packages, because it’s a pleasure for our eyes to look at them. Do you want to attract customers to your product? Surprise them! And what’s even better: make them delighted!

niedziela, 16 listopada 2014

Can you resist the temptation? | Immediate reward vs delayed gratification

Give child a candy and tell him that he’ll receive another one if he doesn’t eat it within less than half an hour. What do you think this kid will do? Will he wait patiently for the second candy or eat the first one immediately? It’s not so easy to resist the temptation even if we know that there’s a greater reward waiting for us in the future. And we’re not even better than children when it comes to delaying gratification…

piątek, 7 listopada 2014

Christmas 2014 adverts: Debenhams, Burberry and John Lewis

Christmas is here! At least here in London, where retailers have already started launching their festive campaigns. I know that for some of you it might be too early to talk about Christmas, but I couldn't help but share my thoughts about their ads. So, let’s take a look!

niedziela, 2 listopada 2014

Branded Beauty: what you don’t know about your favourite beauty products (+ small announcement)

Photo: mypocket.com (D&G campaign)

Women love trying out a lot of cosmetics, exploring ‘must haves’, keeping themselves up to date with new beauty launches and of course having possibility to choose from a wide range of products. But here’s the question: what’s your favourite beauty brand? Remember your answer, because I will ask this question one more time later in this post…