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5 creative ideas for package design | Bath & Beauty, Toiletries and Cleaning products

It’s not a secret that marketing specialists use all sorts of tricks and techniques to entice us to make a purchase, mostly by appealing to our senses (and I wrote about this here, here and here). One of the standard tactics is grabbing our attention with colourful and attractive packages, because it’s a pleasure for our eyes to look at them. Do you want to attract customers to your product? Surprise them! And what’s even better: make them delighted!

When it comes to buying new beauty products, there’s plenty to choose from, but companies have to constantly astonish their customers with new ideas if they want to stand out from the competition. So I thought I’d share with you 5 creative ideas for packaging design… and because I’m mostly passionate about beauty industry, those are the examples I have prepared for you today.

You won’t see in the store the products I’ve presented below... which is a shame, because they are really impressive!

1. Elbow Grease

Elbow Grease is a student project (designed by Jaclyn Merk) and it’s a line of home cleaning products, which are addressed to… men. Can you guess what was the inspiration for her to create that packaging? It’s simple: auto body products. Each of Elbow Grease product has a clear inscription suggesting what is its use, but what’s even more, there’s a colour coded system driven by distinct plaid patterns – red products are for the kitchen, blue for the bathroom and green for surfaces.

3. Inky Sunpaint

If you have children that don’t like using sun cream, you’ll love this project! Jeremy Innes-Hopkins (from UK) created the Inky Sunpaint, which is the sun cream packaging for kids. The aim of that product was to change behavioural patterns towards the sun and sun care to reduce the increasing rate of Skin Cancer in the UK. After his research, he knew that the best time for making these changes in behaviour is the young age. Inky Sunpaint is a sun cream packaged in the form of a pen (for me more like a crayon), what makes children apply sun cream more willingly, because this ways they have more fun… and less “pain”. ;) The sun cream inside this package is waterproof, has SPF 30 and… is brightly coloured, so parents and children can see which areas of the body have been covered. It’s not the permanent paint, the ink disappears after it’s rubbed in. I love this idea! :)

3. LUXE: Night & Day Cream

LUXE Night and Day Cream is a student project for an imaginary product. The package design, which was meant to be very minimal and sculptural, was inspired by Tetris blocks. This sleek and convenient interlocking package holds day (white) and night (black) creams. You won’t see this on the photo, but they differ not only in colour but also the material from which they are made – the material of the day cream package is glossy and material of the night cream package is matte.

Designer: Nari Park, a third year Graphic Design student at School of Visual Arts, NY (United States).

4. Naked - Intimate Care Products 

What are the most gentle and delicate cosmetics? Not only all eye products, as you might think, but also… intimate care products. Neretin Stas (from Russia) decided to use this fact and created the Naked package that reflects the character of its content. As you might guess from the name of this line, the packages of these products resemble the naked body with its colour and soft curves. There’s nothing to hide, so when you touch them, they’ll get a little confused… and will timidly glow right where you touch it. And you probably wonder how is it possible, right? Let me explain: the package is covered with special thermochromic paint that reacts to warm hands. And as the designer warns us, we have to be gentle with using this package, because it’s very shy… ;)

5. The Fruit Toilet Paper

Would you guess, seeing only this photo, that these are toilet paper rolls? At first you might be surprised why they are individually packed, but this project is connected with a tradition in Japan. As I found out, many companies and stores in that country give their customers a roll of toilet paper… “as a novelty gift to show their appreciation.”. Weird, isn’t, it? That’s why Kauzaki Kawahara (from the Creative Agency: Latona Marketing Inc. in Shizuoka, Japan) has designed The Fruit Toilet Paper in order to delight customers by its packaging. And to make it more interesting, there’re 4 fruits, ehm, I mean designs to choose from: strawberry, orange, watermelon and kiwi.

All photos presented in this post are from Packaging Of The Word.

So, what do you think about those packaging designs?

Let me know in comments below which of these products would you like to find in on the store shelves! :)

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  1. The design of the package looks impressive it is actually vintage design. packaging design

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