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Branded Beauty: what you don’t know about your favourite beauty products (+ small announcement)

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Women love trying out a lot of cosmetics, exploring ‘must haves’, keeping themselves up to date with new beauty launches and of course having possibility to choose from a wide range of products. But here’s the question: what’s your favourite beauty brand? Remember your answer, because I will ask this question one more time later in this post…

We constantly look for the best way of making us beautiful, so we buy cosmetics that will help us to emphasize our beauty and improve our appearance and when we make more expensive purchases we explain ourselves that it’s an investment in our body. We buy drugstore and high-end beauty products (a few posts ago I wrote about them, regarding focus on quality and quantity while shopping) often because of the hype around them or simply recommendation by people we know. The Internet is full of beauty blogs with the reviews of many cosmetics, as well as beauty channels on YouTube, which increasingly begin to replace TV programs. When we visit some of them (the more experienced beauty guru, the better for us) and see the reviews of beauty products we can easily form an opinion about those cosmetics, because the topic is thoroughly discussed. Well, is it for sure?

I really enjoy reading and watching those reviews (we all know that googling the product before making a purchase helps to avoid buying a pig in a poke and wasting our money on shoddy products), but for me it’s not enough – I feel unsatisfied. I look at cosmetics as a consumer, a woman that loves beauty industry, but also as a marketer who is fascinated by the background of particular brands and their products – and it’s rather unlikely to find these issues in beauty reviews. I’m interested in what the company had to go through to be where it is now, offering us products that we willingly reach for. How did they earn their success? Maybe I’m not the only one and there’re other people who also seek additional information in the field of beauty marketing or business of beauty… That’s why I would like to approach this subject from a different angle and focus not on the cosmetic, but on the BRAND.

Now, let’s return to the question from the beginning: if someone asked you a question „What’s your favourite beauty brand and why?” you would probably answer focusing on the range of the products and their quality, right? But would you be able to tell something more about the brand and its background? Are you sure you like the brand or simply the products with the logo of that brand, produced by a particular manufacturer? Think about it and honestly answer this question yourself…

Beauty is a huge industry – there are many brands that offer a wide range of beauty products. Some of these brands have a long history and they had to work for years to be where they’re now. Other appear as a breath of fresh air to fill beauty niches. There’re also brands (often those less known) that become popular only thanks to one particular cosmetic which is an absolute ‘must have’ for all beauty obsessed. And more and more of these brands focus not only on a collaboration with celebrities, but also with beauty bloggers that just like friends encourage us to try and buy cosmetics.

As I’m really passionate about beauty marketing I decided that I not only want to share with you this passion, but I would like to also show you some really interesting facts about particular beauty brands, reveal their strengths (and weaknesses) and present you something more than you can see in ads or on store shelves. Of course PR specialists care about the image of the company and they do their best to keep us informed with (only) positive news about the company and the products. Unfortunately that kind of information can often be idealized, selective and there’s not a word about mistakes or troubles – it’s a taboo topic.  So, there’ll be a new series of posts on my blog called Branded Beauty. What can you expect from those posts? As I mentioned earlier, I want to show you the background of each beauty brand – what makes them stand out, their philosophy, a little bit of history, interesting facts, beautifully executed campaigns and other information worth knowing. And to be fair I will write about drugstore and high-end brands alternately, making this series something for everyone. Apart from a handful of useful and interesting information of course I'm going to share with you my thoughts, feelings and opinions. But we’ll see in practice how it will look like in the end… :)

Let me know in the comments which brands would you like me to write about! :)

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