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5 more creative ideas for package design | Bath & Beauty

A few posts ago I was showing you 5 creative ideas for packaging design from beauty industry. I really appreciate great marketing ideas (especially if they're associated with marketing to women) and love sharing them with others. That's why I couldn't help but show you 5 more projects in this category. So, here they're!

1. GBH: Mama Skin

Mama Skin is a line of in-room bathroom products named and designed by GBH (from UK) for a luxury hotel Mama Shelter. This is organic product made of natural ingredients (co-created by the premium natural beauty brand Absolution) and it’s an all-in-one: a body wash, a shampoo and a conditioner. So it’s perfect for guests who don’t like using a lot of different bottles while they’re staying at the hotel. Despite that it’s only one product, it’s available in different variations, with different Mama sayings on the bottle. As designers of this project explain, those phrases “cheekily communicate the organic quality and multi-use of the contents”. And the fun part about this is that every time regular guests check-in, they receive another bottle with different message on it… so the bottles become highly collectible! ;) And if you wonder, where the other information (e.g. the ingredients) is hidden… it’s on the back, to make this bottle as simple as possible. For those of you who really would like to have that product (or bottle): you can buy it here.


GATE is a line of men’s skin care products, mainly addressed to people who use air transport a lot (like travellers or businessmen). There’re four products in this line: shaving cream (F), after shave (A), moisturizing gel (M) and scrub (S). Each of them is packed in 35ml container (which allows to transport them in a carry-on baggage) and  has its unique colour and letter (which helps with navigating within the range). What I like the most about this concept is the cassete-box that represents products GATE products on a shelf in store. It has been developed by a group of BHSAD students from Russia.

3. Handsome Beast

This package design for a Handsome Beast products – a line of exotic bodycare for gentlemen – was designed by Samantha Salzano, a graduate of Syracuse University's Communications Design program (United States). And you probably wonder why there’re animals on the packaging… The answers is easy: the Handsome Beast products are made of cow, camel and buffalo milk.

4. Khulu Soap

This design has been created by Fanako (Creative agency from South Africa) for Khulu Soap – an original, authentic manufactures of handmade soaps, infused with traditional African herbs. After two years of experimentation with different combinations of herbs they finally managed to launch this type of products in South Africa. As you can see on the photo, there’re 5 different soaps and each of them has its own uniquely designed package with a specific African theme.

5. Scent Stories 

And last, but not least… the project from Poland! Ah&Oh Design Studio created the concept of the perfume and its packaging design for the line of men’s fragrances – Scent Stories. Focusing on the idea of the scent itself, they were inspired by “the great, dark literature and distinctive, strong characters”. As you can see on the photo, they named the scents after famous writers (Orwell, Laclos, De Sade and Poe) in order to describe the dark side of men’s nature. The bottles of these scents are the combination of old glass perfume bottle and the classic shape of the inkwell. Don’t be surprised by the funny looking heads, because it’s referring to the authors’ famous masterpieces.

All photos presented in this post are from Packaging Of The Word.

Let me know in comments below what’s your favourite project! :)

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