niedziela, 25 stycznia 2015

The man who understood what women want! Mr Selfridge

Do you know that feeling when you start watching a new TV show and it’s so addictive, that you can’t help but watch all the episodes? This is what has happened to me lately, when I found out about the series called Mr Selfridge. If you haven’t heard about it yet and you are also interested is retail industry, you’d better watch out, because you will immediately immerse yourself in this show for many hours!

czwartek, 22 stycznia 2015

Would you buy these beauty products?

Have you ever wondered why people often buy limited edition products? I think it’s because they’re attracted by the original and cute packaging, so they have a need of possessing those items… and as a result they make a purchase. I’m always on the hunt for creativedesigns in the beauty industry, so that’s why I come here today with another 5 examples of attractive concepts.

niedziela, 18 stycznia 2015

Haven’t you missed anything? | FOMO in beauty industry

Beauty is a huge industry, you can’t deny it. There’re so many beauty brands that we can’t event count all of them. But one thing that's for sure is that they all promise us that our life will be better if we buy their products. And you do want your life to be better – or at least (in this case) better looking face, skin, body, hair… So you systematically follow all the news from the beauty industry, hoping that you’ll discover some holy grails that will change your life, making you look and feel better. But here’s a thing: if you can’t live a day without checking what’s new in beauty industry and which products should you buy, you might suffer from FOMO

niedziela, 11 stycznia 2015

DÉJÀ VU: My TOP 4 posts on MTBM from 2014

Starting a New Year with new resolutions wouldn’t be right without having a small “summary” of the previous blogging year. As you know, there’re a few categories on my blog, because I try to write on different topics, but beauty is the base of this place. So before I start filling this category with new content, let me just do a little throwback to 2014 and present you my personal TOP 4 posts on MTBM. You can expect a lot more of these in 2015! ;)

czwartek, 8 stycznia 2015

New Year’s Resolutions For 2015 | Blogging & Personal Goals

I’ve been procrastinating so long before writing this post… The days were passing by and with each passing day I was telling myself that it’s too late for writing about my New Year’s Resolutions (Gosia, you should have done this at the end of December!). Well, it’s still my first year of blogging so little mistakes might happen here, right? Happily I’ve realized in time, that by telling you about my resolutions I’ll put more effort to keep them… and it’ll be easier for me to account for them in front of you at the end of the 2015. So, without further ado, here they are!