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DÉJÀ VU: My TOP 4 posts on MTBM from 2014

Starting a New Year with new resolutions wouldn’t be right without having a small “summary” of the previous blogging year. As you know, there’re a few categories on my blog, because I try to write on different topics, but beauty is the base of this place. So before I start filling this category with new content, let me just do a little throwback to 2014 and present you my personal TOP 4 posts on MTBM. You can expect a lot more of these in 2015! ;)

People often asks me why am I so interested in beauty & marketing. If you want to better understand my passion, as well as read a little bit about marketing to women and find out what is (in my opinion) the most important question that marketers should ask themselves, this post is for you. :)

We all use beauty products and often spend too much money on them, it’s obvious... and sometimes even unhealthy. But every woman has her own preferences when it comes to buying new stuff – choosing between DRUGSTORE and HIGH-END products. Maybe after reading this post you’ll finally realize whether you focus on the quantity or quality while buying them… ;)

If you like reading stories, then you will be interested in this post. This is a very interesting observation that I had at the airport (at World Duty Free to be precise) which is a great example of the power of make-up and how it changes women. Of course every observer has his own interpretation of the situation, but I’m really focused on consumer behaviour, so I just couldn’t have missed this.

When should you throw out your makeup? | Cosmetics shelf life & how to extend it

Most of us, women, are guilty of having too many beauty products in our drawers or makeup bags. From this post you will find out: why you should systematically get rid of  your cosmetics, what are their expirations dates, how to extend your makeup's shelf life… and some other good advices. There’s also a cheat sheet that you can download. ;)

Would you like to see more posts like these on my blog? Or maybe you’re more interested in other categories? Let me know in comments below – I’m always happy to hear from you and know your thoughts! :)

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