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Haven’t you missed anything? | FOMO in beauty industry

Beauty is a huge industry, you can’t deny it. There’re so many beauty brands that we can’t event count all of them. But one thing that's for sure is that they all promise us that our life will be better if we buy their products. And you do want your life to be better – or at least (in this case) better looking face, skin, body, hair… So you systematically follow all the news from the beauty industry, hoping that you’ll discover some holy grails that will change your life, making you look and feel better. But here’s a thing: if you can’t live a day without checking what’s new in beauty industry and which products should you buy, you might suffer from FOMO

FOMO – is it contagious? 

FOMO – four letters that might sound a little odd at first, but it’s an acronym for Fear Of Missing Out. What does it mean? In short, it’s a form of social anxiety – you are afraid that something important might happen while you are switched off. This rather new phenomenon is mostly known with reference to social media addiction and spending too much time in digital world. Yes, nowadays a lot of people suffer from that – regardless of their interests – and it’s highly probable that you are one of them. Just think about it: as soon as you wake up in the morning the first thing you do is checking your phone – emails, notifications on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. If you’re a blogger, you also check the statistics, new comments, tweets etc. And no matter how often you check these things during the day, you repeat this ritual just before going to bed (or sometimes even when you are under the duvet).

FOMO in the beauty industry

Not so long ago I started to think how FOMO can be related to the beauty industry. Well, as I have mentioned at the beginning of this post, you have an urge to be up to date with all the news from beauty industry and you are afraid that you might miss some great offers or product launches… You spend your time following beauty gurus, makeup artists, beauty bloggers and vloggers who systematically do reviews of the beauty products, praise them in their monthly favorites, present makeup hauls… and publish any other forms of content that make you want to try all of that stuff they have been bragging about. All those beauty lovers are an authority for you, because they have greater power of persuasion, so you trust them more. So how does it end? As soon as you hear about the new beauty product or find out what is the holy grail that you might want to try, you automatically decide to make a purchase. As a result, your beauty and makeup drawer are full of stuff you don’t remember buying, so their shelf life passes with time… before you even know it.

Yes, I know it’s very hard to avoid all those temptations – I’m also a beauty lover, but I try to think (and act!) rationally, so I want to show you some good habits that will help you to overcome this addiction.


How can you overcome FOMO & control your beauty addiction?

Here you can find some tips that will help you with overcoming “beauty” FOMO and its effects.

You have to be realistic. Just think how you could better spend your time instead of following beauty news from so many sources. You have two options:
  • Drastic version: you have to completely cut yourself off from the beauty industry. Don’t watch beauty vloggers, don’t read new blog posts, don’t browse online stores – just avoid  all of the temptations and occasions for spending your money. It sounds like a rehab, but if you want to “recover” from this, it’ll pay off.
  • Less drastic version: limit yourself to watching/following only 5 beauty gurus. You don’t have to hear about the same lipstick or concealer for the 15th time, right? And if you have some more spare time, just chose other pleasures, like going out with friends (who not necessarily are beauty lovers) or reading a book.

  • Make yourself aware of how many beauty products you already have. Be honest with yourself and think if you’re able to use all of them before their expiration datesIf you admit that you possess to much stuff, it’s not very wise to buy another products, right?
  • If you know that you have problem with buying beauty stuff you don’t even use (because you buy them on impulse), think about your expectations for products that you’ll use with pleasure. Maybe you should consider choosing quality over quantity?
  • If you want to buy a beauty product because of the recommendations and so many good reviews, don’t act rapidly. You won’t change your life just because of having that one thing that is very popular at the moment. Just put it on you beauty wish list (I know you have one) and wait at least 3 or 4 weeks. You’ll probably forget about it with time (because you have so many items on that list) and this will mean that you didn’t need that product so badly in order to survive. ;)
  • What is the least pleasant thing about buying new products? Spending money, or in other words: losing them. Just think how much of your savings you spend on your beauty products… Wouldn't it be a better decision to spend them wiser on something more needed, more useful, for example, new laptop, camera, courses, books, holidays, home appliances… or simply your future?

OK, so now you know that you might suffer from FOMO and you know how you can overcome this, but there’s one very important question: do you really want to recover from this? ;)

If you have only 30 minutes a day for following beauty news, what would you chose? Which places in the Internet would you visit? How exactly would you spend that time? Let me know in comments below! :)


Main photo: Tom Ford Beauty Campaign

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