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New Year’s Resolutions For 2015 | Blogging & Personal Goals

I’ve been procrastinating so long before writing this post… The days were passing by and with each passing day I was telling myself that it’s too late for writing about my New Year’s Resolutions (Gosia, you should have done this at the end of December!). Well, it’s still my first year of blogging so little mistakes might happen here, right? Happily I’ve realized in time, that by telling you about my resolutions I’ll put more effort to keep them… and it’ll be easier for me to account for them in front of you at the end of the 2015. So, without further ado, here they are!


2015 will be my year of blogging! Over the last few months I’ve been checking if this is something that I would like to put my whole heart into it. Now I know that last year was only a beginning of my adventure with blogosphere and I really would like to constantly seek to improve myself as a blogger. That’s why I have set up a few goals for this year:
  • I would like to open myself up and share more thoughts and feelings with you. I feel that I haven’t found my own writing style yet because I’m somehow limiting myself… so it’s not as it supposed to be.
  • I want to (and I HAVE to) be a more productive blogger. I know that posting 6 posts a month isn’t enough (mea culpa), but I find it easier to write longer posts (focusing on quality, not quantity)… and it takes more time to prepare them. I will do my best to post more often and in order to do so I have to learn scheduling blog posts ahead of time.
  • I want to pay more attention to networking and being more active in social media. There’re so many great bloggers out there and I feel like right now I’ve been missing a lot! What’s even more, I feel that I’ve neglected my Instagram profile, so I have to fix this in 2015.
  •  I have a constant need for making growth and gaining new skills, so in order to make this blog a better place I want to learn new stuff and applications, e.g. graphic tools, SEO, basics of HTML, etc. I really would like to learn a little bit of photography as well, but first I have to invest in a good camera, but that’s just another story…

Ok, now is the time to present you my PERSONAL GOALS, which I have divided into 2 subcategories:
Self-development and Health.


  • Get closer to my dream job – Beauty marketing is the „place” where I want to be and working with beauty brands would be my biggest dream come true! I systematically make a small steps towards achieving that goal so I hope that I’m going to get there sooner than later (but the sooner, the better).
  • Get out of my comfort zone – I know that in order to get better, I have to take up new challenges, try new things and learn new stuff. Yes, it’s stressful sometimes, but if you want to be successful, it’s worth the pain. No pain, no gain! ;)
  • Read more – During the last year I’ve read only 20 books, so it’s less than 2 books a month. Sadly it’s not a good result (at least in my opinion), so I want to increase that amount for this year by trying to read every single day without excuses.
  • Switching off – This might be the most difficult resolution for me because I’m addicted to digital world. But we have only one life and it goes on mostly outside the Internet so I  really should try to spend more time out of my laptop or phone.
  • Minimalism – With every year I realize more how better life is when I limit things around me. During this year I’ll be still implementing minimalism in my life, choosing quality over quantity and doing systematical decluttering.
  • Monitoring – Having goals is not enough to be successful. In order to achieve them, I have to focus on monitoring the progress… and modify my approach when required (by kicking myself into proper action).


You don’t have to preach me about healthy lifestyle, because it’s something that I’m really aware of and that I try to lead. However, last year was not a very good example of this, so in 2015 I really want to focus on being on (and coming back to) a healthy track:
  • First of all, I want to take care of what I’m eating. I have to reduce processed food (I know that I can’t get rid of it in 100%), have a cheat day once a week, drink a lot of water and fresh juices/smoothies.
  • In order to eat better, I have to develop myself in the culinary field. So, this year I’ll be cooking more healthy and trying new recipes.
  • I want to take care of my body and the way I feel – not only physically, but also mentally. So, in order to get fit and feel happier I’m going to “addict” myself to physical activity. I want to convince myself, that it’s the way of life, so I should be active on a daily basis and not only periodically a few times a year.

New Year’s Resolutions are supposed to help us with achieving our goals, but for me it will be something more. It’ll be the beginning of making my dreams come true. :)

And what are your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you have any similar ones to mine? :)

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  1. It's awesome you make such detailed goals!
    I hope you have a wonderful year :)

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses

    1. Aww, thank you Carina! :) I always try to set more specific goals, because this way it's easier for me to make progress. ;)

  2. I believe in you. You can make it all! I keep my fingers crossed. :-)

    1. That means a lot to me! Thank you for believing in me! :) xx