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The man who understood what women want! Mr Selfridge

Do you know that feeling when you start watching a new TV show and it’s so addictive, that you can’t help but watch all the episodes? This is what has happened to me lately, when I found out about the series called Mr Selfridge. If you haven’t heard about it yet and you are also interested is retail industry, you’d better watch out, because you will immediately immerse yourself in this show for many hours!

The show is as British drama based on a real-life story of Harry Selfridge – the American founder of the famous London’s department store: Selfridge’s. The story starts in 1909 when Mr Selfridge comes to London (after successful retail career in Chicago) with the intention of building the largest department store in the world. It should not surprise you, that the place he chose for this purpose was Oxford Street.

I haven’t read the book yet, so I have no idea how Mr Selfridge really was, but in the show he is presented as a very extravagant person. You might be surprised by this at first, but you’ll get used to his behaviour after watching a few episodes. But the most striking thing about him is that he was a visionary character who wanted to be the first man who would create the place in the heart of London that would attract women. He knew that his business would not exist without the people and he was well aware of the fact that customer service is extremely important, so we can clearly see that he treats his customers with respect, guided by the principle “The Client is always right”… and he required the same attitude from his employees as well.

Through the following episodes we can see how his business is developing, but unfortunately such an imperium could not arise so easily without some sacrifices – and sadly it was his cheated wife and family. He was able to do almost anything to satisfy his biggest and wealthy clients – and as you can guess, they were women –  so he had been satisfying them exceptionally – in bed…

Don’t worry, I will not tell you anything more from the plot, because I don’t want to spoil it. ;)

I really enjoyed watching this show because it presents the retail industry and other issues that are really important to me, such as marketing to women and consumer behaviour. But what I’m most happy about, is that I could  observe the time, when beauty products started to play a greater role in the retail industry and I could follow the process of including them in Selfridge’s assortment. And what’s even more, the show takes place in London at early stage of 20th century, so we can see a little bit of history and also admire wonderful costumes! I’ve already watched the whole 2 seasons and I’m so excited that the 3rd season is being released tonight! :)

Have you watched this show yet? Or maybe some of you have already read the book? I’m really curious what you think and if it made you shopping more often at Selfridge’s at Oxford Street… ;)


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  1. Ohh, I love costume shows so I will check it out! :)
    These clothes, hairstyles and archaic language. The ideal combination!