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Would you buy these beauty products?

Have you ever wondered why people often buy limited edition products? I think it’s because they’re attracted by the original and cute packaging, so they have a need of possessing those items… and as a result they make a purchase. I’m always on the hunt for creativedesigns in the beauty industry, so that’s why I come here today with another 5 examples of attractive concepts.

Spa Cosmetics line Bozi Oko

This is a project of a line of beauty products for a hotel – this time Bozi Oko. Before Kitchen Prague (from Czech Republic) began their work on that concept, they had known that the hotel provides their guests the most pleasant and comfortable relaxation experience with their wellness programs and treatments. So, as the designers say, the task was to “create something unique and exclusive in order to complete the image of the hotel and fulfil the needs of the visitors.”. As you can see, the thing that is striking the most is the bottles’ shape – smooth and silky. And I just wonder: is it really for use? For me it looks only like a decoration… but it looks amazing!

Family Choice

Family Choice is a concept of a Body Wash targeted to families of 1+ kids. It has been designed by CHARGE Industrial Design (from United States) who wanted to create something different from the products that you can find in stores (such as the products with well-known movie characters used by national brands). All the bottles have foam pumps, but their structures differ by shape. Both side panels of the female bottle are inverted, in contrary to male side panel which is bulging (creating a puzzle effect on shelf). But why does the parents’ version come in a combined two-bottle structure? The author of that project explains that it’s a representation of “unity and ‘togetherness’ within the couple” and it’s convenient (easy-storage) for most couples who take shower or bath in the same bathroom with a limited space.

Estee Lauder Pleasures

If you had a chance to create a new bottle of a well-known perfume, which one would you choose? Dho Yee Chung, a student of  Branding Packaging Design at Fashion Institute of Technology (United States) designed a new version of Estee Lauder ‘Pleasures’ perfume package. He was inspired by a woman behind a fan and here’s how he explains this: “The woman is an unknown entity yet a sensual object due to the fact the she is partially hiding herself. The final work reflects this idea by completely veiling the existing Pleasures bottle in an innovative and original way.”.

Rolex Skin Care

Rolex and beauty products? Have you missed something? No, don’t worry. It’s “only” a student project made by Julie Goodwin, a graduate from the Academy of Art University (San Francisco, United States). The task was to design a skincare products line and in-store display for a brand that already exists but doesn’t sell that kind of products… so she chose Rolex. Would you buy it? :)


A package design for hair care products Manifesto, which are intended for girls of 12-14 years. This product line includes 5 beauty products (on the photo from left to right): styling gel, mousse, hairspray, shampoo, conditioner.
Designer: Oleg Postnikov, studying at the Visual Communications course for art-directors in British Higher School of Art & Design (Russia).

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So, would you but these beauty products? :)

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