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A break from blogging | I’m back!


‘She’s back!’ – you probably hear this voice in your head now… Or maybe it’s just me and my imagination of you reacting to my come back? Either way – yes, I’m back – and I’ve missed you so much! I feel like I owe you an explanation of what caused this looong break from blogging… so here we go!

When I was launching this blog I assumed (or hoped) that marketing in beauty industry – NOT just bragging about beauty stuff – will be the main focus here. I’m not a makeup artist, beauty expert or cosmetics guru and I didn’t want to become yet another beauty blogger (you can read more about it here and here). Yes, I can admit that beauty industry is a huge part of my world and I absolutely love everything beauty related (not only cosmetics!) but I treat it as my hobby and an addition to my life. The life that I try to lead reasonably, with the bigger focus on quality rather that quantity, but mostly by learning and trying every day to ‘BE’ instead of to ‘HAVE’. Of course I’m not perfect and I’m still improving myself and my life, so there’re many moments of weaknesses and guilty pleasures. I can’t deny that I like treating myself with new beauty must-haves from time to time, but it has to meet the 4 following criteria: (1) it’s been recommended by a person I trust and has around 95% great reviews, (2) I’ll definitely be using this, (3) I can afford to buy it, (4) I thought this purchase through. In other words, I hate spending money impulsively on things that are overrated or not good enough, are too pricey and things that I don’t need. Simply as that!

So why wasn’t I blogging then? Well, there were many reasons, but I think that focusing on my career was one of them. Since I started working for Superdrug as a Marketing Executive I’ve become more absorbed in beauty industry – spending most of the time with cosmetics and beauty brands made me realise that beauty world is my second home. I’ve been working with so many brands and their products, finding out about new launches & campaigns that I finally started thinking that I don’t use the full potential of the situation that I am currently in. I’ve realised that I can’t ignore products themselves when talking about beauty marketing. As I’ve already mentioned in one of my previous posts it’s a combination of my passion & work, so I should definitely focus not only on the brands, but on their products and services as well. Press launches, creative campaigns, PR events, new technologies & ingredients, stunning packaging and most of all, working with the people behind the brands’ success who share that same passion – this is what I love in my job, so it looks like I finally know what I want to share here with you.

So, here I am, in 2016, starting a new chapter in my life and I really hope you’ll join me in this adventure. Let’s fill it with lots of great experiences and wonderful memories, shall we? J



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